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    Is the old Boombox available in Thailand.

    Does anybody know if the old 80's ghetto blaster[at]Lasonic Boombox I931 is available in Thailand? A Thai friend living in Patts wants me to order one online in the USA. Found them on Amazon and ebay. But Iím hoping they are for sale somewhere[at]in Thailand since they are huge to transfer overseas. Did a Google search but nothing came up in Thailand.


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    Never seen one here but maybe some DJ junkie has. Ask DJ Pat.

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    WTF would someone want one of these?

    From a CNET review:

    The Good The Lasonic i931 is an unapologetically retro iPod boom box that packs plenty of features into its enormous frame.
    The Bad The Lasonic i931's construction is so flimsy it feels fake, and its oversized body is absurd for a portable device.
    The Bottom Line Buy it for looks, buy it for fun; but don't expect quality from the Lasonic i931.
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