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    Online media players......

    looking for an online media player,found ,and downloaded Winamp Media Player 5.65. Worked ok for couple days ,then stopped working and I get this message ...Winamp has encountered a problem etc......
    Deleted the media player from computer and tried downloading new player.Did everything I had to do as far as downloading and installing was concerned,but each time I get same message.....Winamp has encountered a problem...
    First time I d/loaded the player followed all the instructions re d/loading,installing and it worked perfectly,but like I said after a couple of days it stopped ,

    Tried this several times ,same result each time,where can I look to see what the problem is?
    If I can't fix this problem,does anyone knoiw of any other online media players that are downloadable?

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    If you just want to watch movies and listen to mp3 and other stuff on your computer vlc player by videolan seems to be the best in my opinion. By the way, questions about programs in stuff should be in the computer section. Good luck with it.

    Pick the lastest version up in the right corner on the page. You can also download the player at the makers site.

    Download VLC Media Player 2.1.0 (32-bit) -

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    The VCL is good but I've had problems with it playing MP4's........I've been trying out the GOM media player and found it OK. The latest version has a 200% volume control ( like the VCL player ) which comes in handy when downloaded programs have a low level sound output .

    GOM Media Player - The only video player you need. Download for Free!
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    For music
    foobar2000 is best,
    nice and light can show a very minimal interface and it's free no adds.

    For videos
    VCl good as a back up; but it's buttons are too close and it's easy to press stop instead of pause, and as it cannot remember your place you have to piss about returning to where you were .

    Much better also free is Wondershare player , it plays all the formats and can remember your place in a video ie if you want to stop it close it and start watching again another day .
    I have it as default player .

    Wondershare Player: Perfect Media Player | OFFICIAL

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