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    blocked torrents

    So I had to reinstall my XP operating system- YAY! Yesterday I had no prob using kat and piratebay via utorrent.
    Now I cannot even download utorrent!
    I have tried the IP hider softwares, and perhaps I'll do it again, but does anyone have any tips? I don't understand why yesterday it was no prob., but now I cannot.
    I get this message- I'm sure many of you have seen before:

    This URLs or Page has been blocked.

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    Seem to be blocking all or most torrents, they gonna put a stop to erm I reckon

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    I can see a future where we will have to pay for things again...

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    well it has not happened yet, and with the net where there is a will there is a way. On True my kids are both dowloading now from pirate One of them has become an expert.

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