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    Eating "Ox Tail"

    Good afternoon Ladies & Gentlemen,

    My question today and an appeal for help from wiser persons than myself is:-

    What is the correct [etiquette] way of eating stewed Ox-Tail?

    I don’t necessarily need to delve into the mysteries of recipes nor the “rights & wrongs” of my choice of main ingredient nor what I should do with it besides eating it.

    My own method is to tuck into it with fingers and lips, sucking all that delicious meat and glutinous gunk direct off the bones with the resultant expected sticky fingers and kisser. Not a pretty sight indeed.
    However if presented with this dish outside the solitary confines of my dining table how should I consume it?

    “Her indoors” prepares her recipe using those unmentionable Issan ingredients but eats using the same method. Is there a correct way?

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    Out of a tin with a quartet of buttered slices works for me:


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    With your fingers must be the correct way for enjoyment but if its cooked right its easy to eat with a knife and fork, even chopsticks !....Enjoy

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    It's gotta be stewed for a few hours then all the meat just drops off the tail bone.

    Don't be tempted strip the flash off when it's still raw, the flavour of the bone adds an additional stock to the fine stew.

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    Best oxtail soup I ever had was in Jakarta.

    Even the wife praised it and you guy’s who have a Thai
    wife will know that the Thai’s give their culinary praise grudgingly .

    How did we eat it? Well we where in a restaurant so we where
    on our best behavior, but at home we would use fingers and whatever………..

    In a restaurant, I suppose you would use the utensils laid out.

    You know,………..forks and spoons and chopsticks.

    Depends on the restaurant I suppose.
    You know nothing Jon Snow.

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    the absolute best ox tail is done in a crock pot(slow cooker)load the crock pot with all your tail and root veges and cook for 8 hours.oh,and dont forget the wedges of pumkin on top for the thai misses.
    i wouldnt order ox tail in a restaurant,because i make the best ox tail stew in the world,and it must be eaten with your fingers of course.

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    sabaii sabaii
    Hey you Guys. All this talk about fingers, I take it you are all American, right ?

    You boys do know what that tail rubs upon all day, and keeps the flies away from ?

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