Ok it's" that " time of the year again , I have been oredered up into the loof today to fetch this thing down

Anyway enuf of that ol mullarkey trying to get into the spirit of things I have decided to have a go at making some butter shortbread .

Here are your ingredients
1. 125grams of best butter

2. Few drops of vannila essence
3. 2 medium free range eggs
4. 250 grams of plain flour
5. 90 grams of caster sugar
Gentlemen start your ovens not too hot 150 deg on a fan oven.

Cream the butter and sugar together like so in your bowl

Whisk it together nice and creamy like so with your eggs whiped up in a seperate pot like so

Then we stir in the flour carefully like so

Then I have greased and lined two 7" round tins and covered the bases with greaseproof paper

Then I put the mixture and leveled in the tins and pre-cut some shapes on the top

Looks a wee bit scuffy , doubt it'll make Fortnum + Masons display , but it'll be good for our table, ok into the oven now for 25 mins

Ok cool enuf to remove from tins now and let get completely cold before cutting up into segments and placing in an airtight tin , just got the last pic quick as you know who's just walked in the kitchen , mmmmmmmmmmmmm that smell nie honey.

Enjoy lads Happy Xmas