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    vegetable and beef soup

    The weather has finally changed so it's time for a good soup.

    Here's the ingredients.

    After finely chopping the garlic I diced the onion.

    peeled and chopped the carrots

    de-stringed the celery and chopped it

    chopped the potatoes up

    and diced three additional potatoes so they would dissolve and thicken the broth a bit. (the chopped and diced potatoes were set aside in a bowl and covered in water so they wouldn't blacken)

    Let's get cooking by flouring and browning the meat in olive oil

    once it's browned it goes into the big pot

    looking good.

    out comes the meat and in goes the onions and garlic

    the rest of this beer will be used to deglaze the pan

    this too willl go into the big pot

    along with the 2-15oz. cans of tomatoes

    about this time i add 4 to 5 teaspoons of rendered down mexican cow with salt

    next comes the diced potatoes along with the water they were covered in

    sometimes I season the soup, but not this time

    next I add the potatoes carrots and celery at 5 minute intervals

    in go the string beans

    rinse a couple of cans of kidney beans and in they go

    chop the collard greens while the pot comes back to a boil. to do this I strip the leaves away from the stem, roll them into a bunch and slice into it and then cross cut the slices

    in they go too

    give it a stir and turn off the heat

    minutes later it's done

    don't forget the parmesan cheese

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    That's brilliant, thanks and it is time for lunch.

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    yes, looks great. i suddenly feel very hungry

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    Nice soup mate. I would skip the celery though.

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    DAMN! that looks good!
    Needs a few Chilis though

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    Oh, that would have gone down good for lunch today....

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