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    Marinaded Pork With Skewed Veggies and Cypriot rice.

    Well I finally uploaded and then downloaded some cooking pix. First we will start with marinaded pork chops served with veggies on a skewer and Cypriot yellow rice. The marinade and the rice are already stored as recipes here.

    First you have to have you onions, garlic, rice and vermicelli for the flavor of the rice. This is in addition to the stock you have prepared, be if pork, chicken or veggie, knorr can be used in a pinch but its salty so omit other salts.

    Then you cook it in olive oil a bit of butter and spices. Get it bubbling. and add the onions and garlic.

    Then add the vermicelli and brown it, then add the rice and cook for 4 or 5 minutes. It makes the rice drier.

    Now its time to think about the chops, you have put the rice mixture in the stock and added the tumeric.

    24 hour marinaded boneless chops.

    Now for the skewed veggies, marinaded for a couple of hours. Red bell, onion, and mushrooms.

    Now for the fire. Sorry my big barbecue died, and I am down to this.

    Meanwhile we have the veggies in the oven. first covered then broiled.

    Finished the pork steaks as well.

    Then the finished product with a disclaimer.

    The photo shows one kid late for dinner with wet hair. One starving kid who helped set the table, and a maid who just wants to eat and is looking at reactions from my ranting that its dinner time!!

    Pizza is next.
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