My last visit to LOS I found a Thai product used by Mutay boxers and others to help control weight and perhaps loose unwanted weight. Since I want to loose weight I bought a box of 10 sachets and brought it back to Canada.
I have searched locally but no health places have it or have heard of it.

I have friends who will visit BKK in Feb and I asked them to find it and sent me a supply.
However, if anyone, out there has used this tea and there are several variations I would love to hear from you.
On my last trip, with 3 months in PI and 2 months in LOS I lost about 80 lbs due to my strategy of walking everywhere, constantly moving and never eating where I sleep. This works ok for me but so far I always regain some if not all the weight back.
I blame Oprah. I mean if the diva of daytime talk shows, a woman of immense wealth and influence in US cannot control her weight what chance do I have. OK I know it's just an excurse but my doctor also has no answers and see that very very few people can follow a life changing diet for long and manage to keep a healthy weight.
Yesterday I was 326 lbs and I can still loose 100 lbs without being thin at all. So any stories are appreciated and if anyone has used FTNE for a long trial I am interested to hear from you.

If this has been covered in previous threads I apoligize. I am packing for another trip at the moment so no time to do real searching on this forum.