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    Make your own Readybrek

    I don't mean like when you are 7 and you manage to open the packet and heat up the milk by yourself for the first time. I mean actually manufacture your own raw readybrek from first principles.

    It's easy when you know how.

    Just follow these simple steps.

    1. Get some oats
    2. Grind them up in a blender till they are all powdery

    thats it

    et voila...

    If you find the pure readybrek too gooey and babyfood-ish then you can experiment with blending raw and powdered oats.

    I like 40% raw to 60% powdered.

    It is winter time in Aussie so you need that radioactive glow to get you through the chilly mornings.

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    12-10-2017 @ 01:56 PM
    Much healthier too unless you add sugar...

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    Nice stuff.

    Add some sultanas or banana ;0


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    Very informative.

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    First time I made readtbrek myself I was 4. Actually, I was making it as a treat for mum who was ill in bed. My method was to put the readybrek and the milk and sugar in the kettle and boil it up. It was a dismal failure and mum had to get up to clear up the mess.
    Moral :

    The road to hell is paved with good intentions .

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