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Thread: Sweet Iced Tea

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    Sweet Iced Tea

    Being from Florida, I grew up on sweet iced tea.

    I lived the past decade in the Middle East & had no shortage of opportunities to have a piping hot cup of hot tea offered to me by Brits & Arabs alike....

    Not saying one is better than the other. A good cuppa tea in the morning ain't half bad, though I prefer coffee. I really liked the Arabic coffee in the little shot-glass sized cups...some real zing in those puppies!!!

    Anyhow, if you've never tried iced tea, don't knock it, especially till you've had a huge swig of it on a hangover.... 'Tis a a life-giving force.

    To make a 2 liter pitcher, take 3 of those small teabags that Brits/Indians/Arabs use to make 1 cup.

    DO NOT boil these guys........Just take maybe half a liter of boiling water and add to to teabags, then let them soak for 15 minutes or so.

    I use my drip coffee maker......I just put the teabags in the coffee pot.

    After a good soak & while the liquid is still hot, mix with 1/2 a cup of sugar for every half gallon/2 liter pitcher & stir well. Top it off with water to the 2 liter mark, and either serve over ice or let it sit overnight in the fridge and serve without ice.

    I prefer the overnight in the fridge.

    If you grew up on hot tea then this may not appeal to you, but I bet your Thai wife will like it. Mine sure does.

    I'll never be a big fan of hot tea, but that's just me.

    To each his own.


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    I broke my addiction to diet coke by switching to iced tea. I make sun tea by sticking 3 teabags in a liter container of water and leaving it outdoors for a couple of hours. Squeeze a few limes into it and stick it in the fridge and I'm set for the day.

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    I'm cheap and have no taste. I just drop a teabag and few teaspoons of sugar into my jug, and keep it in my fridge.

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    Yes. And the less sugar you use, the more refreshing the drink. I grew up on it, too, but I just kept cutting back on the sugar until now I like it "unsweet" as they say.

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