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    Veg Mince

    Nothing like this for sale around Buriram. Does Bangkok sell it anywhere?

    Am no vegetarian but bored of the chicken, pork, seafood and other assorted flesh routine. Make a nifty bolognese, curry and sweet and sour chinky with soya mince when back in Blighty but can't find it here. Leads?


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    Hi pompeybloke.
    I think the closes place to buy is in Prasat near Buriram it name is Staffords the taste from home contact number 0800 167 168 or he is a pom good bloke.

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    Pass through there on my border runs, so will check it out-thanks

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    If you don't mind the dried variety of soya mince, sweetie, will be happy to post some out to you if you pm me your address.

    Having said that, I think Tesco Lotus does the dried variety in many stores. It's usually stored either near their pasta or their packs of dried pulses & herbs. Green pack if I remember right.

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    You're quite right NR, it comes in three different sizes too.

    Not as tasty as the English version though, they tend not to soak up flavours too well.

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