Feeling peckish and inspired by TFP's cheap and quick footballs on toast thread, I thought I'd give you the ultimate quick and cheap recipe.

I'm not going to take pics you don't need them, it's not exactly hard you can even cook this when your drunk so here goes...


cheap pasta spirals
cheap tuna in brine
cheap pasta sauce
cheap cheese 100 grammes (or more if your a uni student)
cheese grater
2 pans
a bit of salt
4 cans of special brew

Serves 2, or one greedy bastard.

Get some curly pasta and get it boiling in a pan of water with the the salt.

Open a can of tuna and drain it.

Chuck it in a pan and get it warmed up.

Get your pasta sauce in there and heat it up.

Soon as it starts bubbling grate the cheese into it and keep stirring.

Drain the pasta.

When the cheese gets that mmm... 'cheese on toast' smell to it chuck the pasta in and give it a good stir up.

It's ready.

Sounds like shit, but it's fookin alloy mak mak.

You know where you heard it first.