Besides potatoes, Iím not a big veggie fan, I like sweet corn, and stuff in burgers, but other than thatÖ and Thai dishes, Iím not a fan.

This phat pak ruam stuff, yummm, could eat that for breakfast lunch and dinner. Usually do it up with some shrimp, and serve it with either a steak, some ribs or like last night, a grilled black pepper pork chop.

Wash Ďn chop yer garden veggies. Some garlic, and some shrimp.

Chuck on some soy sauce and oyster sauce. Some of that pork flavouring powder and of course some sugar.

Fry some garlic in yer pan, then chuck in all yer veggies and add some more soy and oyster sauce.

Toss for a few minutes as until they reduce down.

Fry yer shrimp till they just go pink (about 5 seconds) in another pan, then chuck on and cook for another 10-15 seconds.


Serve on rice with a meat of your choice.

Delish, and healty.