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    Quick Modern Asian fish and noodle dish to impress

    This is a simple modern asian recipe that you can whip up very quickly.

    Fresh Tuna steaks- sashimi grade (one steak per person)
    Japanese Soba noodles (plain or tea flavoured)
    Japanese Mayonnaise
    Black Sesame Seeds
    Oil to fry. (i prefer sunflower oil)

    1. Heat pan with alittle oil. Pan needs to be hot to sear fish steak
    2. While oil is heating, either boil kettle or heat a pot of water.
    3. Put Black Sesame seeds on a plate and coat steaks, light coating
    4. Add alittle salt to water and then the noodles (enough to serve each person) to hot water and cook until "al dente", should only take a couple of minutes
    5. Add steaks to pan and cook- this part is up to you how long, I like mine raw in the middle so it only takes a couple of minutes both sides.
    6. Drain noodles once cooked.
    7. Once fish is cook, remove from heat and set aside.
    8. Put drained noodles in a mixing bowl and add in mayonnaise, enough to lightly coat the noodles without drowning them.
    9. To serve: serve out noodles on a plate and top with the tuna steaks. Can add finely chopped shallots for additional taste and look. Enjoy.

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    sounds good, thank

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    Mmmmmmmmmmmmm Nice

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