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    I just bought a convection oven and . . .

    I've never used one before. Before I unpack it and start using it, can someone tell me what is the difference between the convection and the ordinary gas or electric oven? Convection is faster, isn't it? I'm going to use it for breads and cakes, so if a recipe calls for "35 minutes at 350 degrees," how much time would that take in a convection oven? Is there anywhere I can go to find out more about cooking with convection ovens? Probably just Google and I'll come up with hundreds of sources; I'd rather just have one good one.

    Thanks for anything you can tell me about convection ovens. If you have one, I'd like to know how you like it and what are some of your favorite things to bake in it.


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    The average amount of time saved when cooking with a convection oven is about 20 percent of the food's normal cooking time.

    The temperature a convection oven uses to cook food is also about 20 percent lower than a recipe's suggested cooking temperature.

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    ^ Good advice.

    Use those numbers, Ralph i.e. multiply time by 80% & temp by 80%. Watch the cake, without opening the door - hopefully it has glass. You can then adjust off 'Fondles' suggested values based on the final product.

    Best of success with your new toy... (How's the aspirin doing?)

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