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Thread: Egyptian Recipe

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    Egyptian Recipe

    Hello Friends
    I am interested in cooking and i am looking for some sites presenting easy way for preparing delicious Egyptian food. If searching, that present many good meals, but i am in need of more sites, if You any please tell me?

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    I worked in Egypt for many years and came across very little "delicious Egyptian food" - so good luck finding recipes!
    There is some excellent Middle Eastern food, but its origins are not from modern Egypt.

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    ^ Agreen. Try Spanish Moroccan recipes?
    I know a chicken dish.
    Cut up chicken
    2 sliced white onions
    small handful of raisins
    chicken broth
    pepper, cumin

    Season and fast fry chicken both sides. Pour off grease and return to pan. Add chicken stock and bring to boil. reduce heat, add back chicken and cover with onions and raisins. Let simmer and turn chook occasioanlly until tender. Add more broth if it bools down. Good with rce.

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