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    Egg mayo deluxe, as eaten by bluffer and IJWT

    Right this is not a stolen recipe it is my own.

    Egg Mayo deluxe was served by my good self about a year ago at a party I had to celebrate my new apartment. Present members were in high numbers with IJWT, Bluffer, Loko (where is he now?) and former Text'n'Talk student Crow. I'm sure more people were there, oh yes, me and my two cats.

    Anyway let's cut the crap and get to the food.

    (Serves four)

    Four hard boiled eggs
    jar of mayonaiise (Kraft is the best I think)
    salt and pepper ( I like lots of pepper)
    handful of them grape sized tomatoes, cut into 5mm squares
    a few slices of decent ham, cut into 1cm pieces
    grated cheddar cheese (enough in proportion to the other ingredients)

    1. Boil the eggs til they are HARD and put them straight into cold water so the shells simply peel off

    2. For a rugged cut, you can use a fork to mash the eggs or cut them into neat little squares. Add to the mayo and combine. Chuck in the salt and pepper, mix again then gradually add the other ingredients.

    3. Put in the fridge to settle for about 45 minutes then serve on white crusty bread or with garlic bread.

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    Is that for one serving?

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    for you maybe marmers

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    I make that, but with butter and a small amount of cream instead of the mayo and with some fresh bread torn up in small pieces and mashed into it and a good squirt of Tabasco and a little bit of curry powder.

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