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    Flipping Pancake Pandemonium

    Pancake day it is!

    I was informed an hour ago, we've been waiting for you to make us pancakes.

    So without the coat or boots coming off i proceeded to the urgent task of Pancake preparation.

    This is an art and not to be rushed, pancakes must be made with love and care.

    The art to pancakes is there is no rule, anything goes.

    It's all fun and games till someone get's a hot pancake on their head.

    Basic ingredients are


    Extras are

    Chocolate spread
    Peanut Butter
    Golden Syrup
    Chilli/fish sauce and MSG
    Monster Munch(Pickled Onion flavour)

    On with the pics..

    Mixin' it up

    Make sure the teaspoon of cooking oil is really hot before you pour the mixture in..

    Ready for a few flips ..

    Then onto the plate to be covered in your chosen delight

    In this case wrapped in chocolate spread..

    Enjoy and remember it's not all about the pancakes

    Peace be unto you

    p.s a top tip is to caramelize a pinch of sugar on the mix when in the pan.

    Happy flipping pancake day

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    My mum's tip to me decades ago; You want the pan hot, but not too hot that the first side burns before it's time to flip. When is it time to flip? When the majority of bubbles that start to surface actually burst and become craters. If the bubbles remain unburst, the centre of your pancake will be gluggy.

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