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    Inner Wrongholia
    Axoa beef and lamb dish of Navarre
    Sopa de Mariscos from Gipuzkoa
    Favas Asturiano rich bean stew of N Spain
    Blowfish Japan
    Moreton Bay Bugs Oz
    Abroath smokies Scotland
    Craster Kippers Northumberland
    Feijoada a Transmontanha North Portugal
    Jugged Hare
    Cullen Skink
    Clam Chowder in Providence
    Irish white pudding with champ
    Lamb Samosa with raitta
    Momos Tibet
    Peruvian Ceviche
    Dutch pea and ham soup
    Danish rod grod mef flode redcurrant with cream
    Finnish Smoked reindeer
    Polish pierogis
    Austrian Apfelstrudel mit Schlaogbers the emeperoro of apple pies
    Tangsu Lijie Jiansu style sweetsour pork

    Truite aux amendes cooked in absinthe and fennel
    Only 2 on their list for me is Masala Dosa and Lobster though good Spanish Quisquillas are as good and half the price

    For junk food at least appraoch the Lavash wrap, Lamb kebab or best Shwarma with yoghurt mint and Guindillas chilis
    I used to have a job at a calendar factory.
    I got the sack because
    I took a couple of days off.

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    Couldn’t be arsed to read the whole list but:

    Eggs. If you have eggs in your fridge, you can always rustle up something tasty with the other contents of the fridge.
    I just checked and I have some ham, cherry tomatoes and spring onion to go with my eggs.
    Smoked salmon and wholemeal toast with scrambled eggs, has been my Christmas morning breakfast for many years now.

    Fish and chips: Fresh Cod off a Grimsby trawler, cooked in fat, not oil, and proper chips please. Not bloody awful frozen fries.

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