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    Sensibles Seafood and Asparagus Bisque Laksa

    Hi everyone,

    tonight I want to step you through another mouthwatering and super simple Sensible sensation. This one is almost too easy and can be served as a main or an entree. Simply adjust your portions to suit but if you want to impress someone with a healthy dish that you can knock up in just 3 minutes then this one is for you.

    It is an adaptation on the Tom Yum Goong with a sexy difference. Asparagus.

    Lets get cooking then.

    Here is all you will need.

    So we have
    6 or 7 sprigs of fresh asparagus
    300 to 400 grams of cut up bits of dead things outa the sea(prawns, mussels,oysters, crab, fish etc etc)
    200 grams of fresh scallops (with the roe on)
    1 packet of Authentic Thai Soup Laksa.

    Chop up the Asparagus into bite size bits ensuring that you only use the top 2/3rds of the sprigs.

    Simply bung it all onto the same plate along with the noodles from the Authentic Thai Soup Laksa.

    Bung a saucepan of about 400 or 500 wotsits of water on the cooker and bring it to the boil. Then simply sling the whole lot in at the same time.

    Bring that lot back to the boil and then turn back the heat to fok all and let it simmer for just 3 minutes.

    You wont even have time for a ciggy with this one folks coz before you know it, you are ready to serve it in a nice soup bowl.

    If you have been paying attention, and lets face it, even Wally couldnt get this one wrong, your bowl should look like this.

    The next step is getting it down your neck which I think you will find is a very pleasant experience indeed.

    Bon appetito mouchachos.

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    Looks great Cap, but you've gone and got in the way of my Captain's kitchen debut.

    I think I will delay it until the morning.

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    Time waits for no man CMN. Not when it comes to viddles.

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