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    Tai Pan Liverpool

    Downstairs is the pay 12 quid buffet where the Chinks sell sub-standard greasy sugary crap for Brits who think they're being all cultured and experiencing Chinese Cuisine,

    Upstairs is where you will find all the Chinese Students and others eat proper food.
    You can get a really nice Szechuan hotpot for 20 per person.

    My fav chinese dishes are Mapo Tofu and Dandan Noodles

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    There's been a Tai Pan in Manchester for years, but I generally avoid SE/E Asian food or cook my own with my missus when I'm home (her dad was Chinese).

    The food is much better in Britain than most other European countries (where almost all of the spice/flavour has been removed) but it irks me to pay such prices for food that usually isn't as good as what I can get over here for a pittance.

    We had some good Chinese stuff at one of the markets in London a couple of years ago, but I find that Chinese food in the west is almost always much better than the Thai offerings.
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