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    Steak Sandwich Tamada

    Fan wrestled with the buttons of her silky white blouse in a vain attempt to show me her ample breasts and induce me into yet another passionate session of love making but I wasnt having any of it.
    I was hungry and needed to sate my hunger. It was late and I needed food.
    Leaving her to her own devices I entered the kitchen and set about creating a dish that I have always enjoyed after long nights of socializing.

    Steak Sandwich Tamada.

    A recipe.

    This one is easy folks and perfect for when you are half pissed.

    First you will need the basics.
    A lump of dead cow.
    Some Asian green leaves.
    A tomato.

    Now you want the whole steak but the reality is that half of that lil baby will be more than enough so get out the knife and chop that baby into two.

    By now you will have remembered that you have English Mustard in the cupboard so introduce it into the equation.

    Also notice that you have a nice onion just sitting by and chop a half of that along with 4 slices of tomato and the Asian green leaves.

    I nearly forgot but any steak sandwich will need two toasted pieces of bread.

    You are ready to start building your late night snack while Fan is now happily watching the television.

    Bung the chopped raw onion on one slice of the bread and smear copious amounts of English Mustard on the other.

    The next step is easy but I have taken the liberty of providing some snapshots as it is very likely that Macha will ask me how to do the next step and he works well with pictures I have found.

    So continue to build your steak sandwich tamada with the tomato and Asian green leaves.

    By now it should look something like this.

    All the while your piece of dead cow is sizzling away under the grill and should be just about ready.

    When the lump of cow is cooked as you like it remove it from the grill and bung it on top.

    Then simply place the mustard splattered piece of toast on top of the creation mustard side down and press down firmly with your palm.

    We are nearly ready. Just as well coz by now Fan will have removed her top and be struggling with the clasp of her bra.

    Timing is everything with this one folks and it might take you a few attempts to perfect it but believe me it is worth it.

    If you have followed all the steps as I have outlined them you should have a great late snack that looks like this.

    Steak Sandwich Tamada.

    Once you have stuffed this little beauty down your neck it will be just in time to help young Fan with that troublesome clasp that she has been fumbling with and ....................well, would someone else mind finishing this recipe for me?


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    It looks as if your toaster may have had the richard. Half burnt, other half only lightly incinerated. Also any thought to frying the onions ?

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    Yikes! Humpty has sussed that my toaster is knackered. I will soon be leaving for the Los and am determined to get a new and very stylish toaster upon my arrival.
    With regard to the onions, I actually like em raw when I have had a skinful but have been known to remember to fry them as well sometimes.

    Welcome to the Teakdoor Humpty42.

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