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    starbeam and falang connection surin?

    Went past starbeam last week and the place is closed, anyone know what happened? Was not intending to go in actually as the food was terrible in the past and the service worse, so that's probably why it went tits up. I met the fat yank once from Boston who owned the place, not a very nice guy, always moaning about his bad back and other falangs. Went to falang connection and that was even worse than starbeam used to be, was OK when the Brit ran the place, but sadly he died.
    Any recommendations for anywhere better than these two dumps in Surin these days?

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    15-03-2019 @ 01:08 PM
    I popped into TFC some years back when Martin was still alive and had a good time with the locals but never got to sample the grub

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    By the flippos and roaming
    There was a bamboobar, but that will be about 6 years ago i last had a beer there.
    And then i am not sure if that was in Buriram

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    Starbeam- building sold, rent bumped up, owner moved out. Can't agree with you on the food- I thought it was pretty good actually, certainly the burgers.

    Norby's on Soi Kola ( the 'nitelife soi' of Surin) is fine if you like German food, and interesting little mini-mart there too. The owner makes the former owner of Starbeam seem like a lovestruck optimist, which is why you'll only usually find a few grumpy farangs there listening to his incessant whinging. But the grubs OK, and he's got a few german beers on the go. Don't pat his dog- worse than the owner.

    Stafford's in Prasat is pretty good- his main business is making pies, sausages etc, but he's got a bar there too. About 20km from Surin, just head south towards the border crossing at Chong Chom, it's a short way past the major intersection with route 24.

    Oasis is directly across from TFC in the bus station area. If you like having sex with Harleys, it's your kind of place. Scandi owned- I've heard the food is quite good, but expensive. Nearby is the Green Mango, locally owned but always farangs there.

    There is also a place popular with the more budget oriented TEFL crowd, actually it's a decent hang out. Dunno it's name, dunno if it's got one- but a local expat will be able to help you out in one of the other Surin bars, they are all a short walk from each other. If you get talking to a bright young thing that actually speaks the lingo, she's Filipina- there are a few there TEFLing, for the sort of wages few f'rangs jump at.
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    ^^ Bamboo bar's still there in Buriram. Sometimes pop in on a Saturday night if the early EPL kick off is that'll be tomorrow for the Newcy- Sunderland game.

    Recommend avoiding the grub. Just finished root canal work and crown fitting on the half a tooth I lost biting into a grit filled chip there . Always used to have 'chips pisshead' there with a beer, but never again....just beer from now on, eat beforehand.

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