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Thread: Pizza?

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    Leftover Thai pizza
    Actually it’s about the spaghetti sauce:
    Usual stuff …fried onions, garlic, chilly powder, pepper, salt, tomato paste, canned tomatoes, celery and any other veggies you care to add. Fry it all up in olive, peanut or palm oil..Whatever.
    Add smashed up meat..Pork, beef or lamb or road kill.
    Boil the shit out of it and let cool for 99 minutes precisely…freeze it then go have a few beers.
    Alternatively: add to spaghetti noodles of choice pour a litre of chateau cardboard, eat drink and then sleep.
    A week later or whenever…. throw in microwave to thaw.
    Grab your previously prepared or thawed pizza crust...Liberally brush on above sauce, grate on cheese of choice, meat of choice, fruit or veggies.Chuck in toaster oven grab a beer and wait till you smell it burning. Remove, consume at leisure….

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    Don't give up your day job.

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    Not into fancy shit a la Michelin 5* bollox then ? but watch out for that palm oil artery blocker de-lux.

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