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    Grande Nachos Supreme.

    Mao's quick n easy sunday evening version... minus cilantro as I don't like it, any sort of beans as I didn't have them, and jalepenos as I didn't have them either.

    Cook up yer taco meat and crack open an icy cold beer.

    Lay out yer nachos.

    Chuck on some of yer taco sauce/meat.

    Add chopped tomatoes and onion.

    Add salsa.

    My favourite part as it's a good excuse to eat half a tub of sour cream straight out of the tub.

    Grate on mozzarella, and I add a bit of basil for both aesthetics and to go with the salsa.


    If the missus isn't looking you can get the sauce all over your face and down your shirt by licking the plate like a dog. Which is strongly advisable.

    Roll yourself into your study to piss around on the net/watch a movie/listen to music until the football begins.

    Quick n easy Sunday evening.
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