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    Price of motorbikes in Ban Chang now?

    I haven't bought a motorbike in 5 years so I'm due to buy one....I haven't been in Thailand for over 2 years so wondering what the price is for around 115 cc motorbike with electric start. I heard from the family that all the motorbikes are sold out in Ban Chang do to the floods. Maybe things have changed...

    Let me know all you lucky guys that live there..

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    28-12-2018 @ 02:07 PM
    I tried to buy one recently in Ban Chang and gave up, the Honda dealer there had no one who could speak enough English to complete the deal (or even try). I went to the large Honda Dealer in Sattahip, and the owners speak excellent English and were quite nice people.
    Prices may be a little high right now, because of the floods, most of the dealers have few or no bikes available, the factories have been closed.
    No mark up, I paid 36,000 last year for a Honda Wave. No hassles either.

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