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    Renting in Sri Racha - any advice??

    Hello there!!

    Has anyone any experience of renting in Sri Racha?

    I have looked around in Bang Saen and have managed to find a townhouse at 10K, (which is a decent price for the area) however I really fancy a bunglow or detached house, and cannot seem to find such a beast under 16K that is half way decent in Bang Saen.

    I have therefore decided to look further afield to Sri Racha. Is it reasonable to find a detached or a bungalow with a walled in garden for under 13K in Sri Racha?

    Is 13K and under a realistic target? Is anyone here living in Sri Racha or has lived there that could point me in the right direction?

    Any help really appreciated.


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    My advice would be to rent a room at Sriracha Place a block or so away from the Robinsons by month a take a good long look to find just the right single family home / shop house. It is conveniently located with restaurants, laundry, massage places on the bottom floor, a clean pool and a fitness room. If you rent on the 15th floor or so, you can see the ocean in the distance. I love Sriracha and want to move back there some day.

    I found some single family homes from 3k to 10k, although this was back in 2003.

    They also have the government run fitness center there that I paid 500 baht a month for.

    Errr and no, I am not Sriracha John from

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