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    Eastern Thailand Questions

    Dear TeakDoor members,

    This year Juli I will be visiting Thailand for the sixth time. The first three times alone, once with the mrs and once with wife and kids (in 2008). We've seen a lot of the sights, so now we're looking to Eastern Thailand. I've been to the Isaan once (Tha Rae near Nakhom Phanom) and two years ago we went swimming with the dolphins, so we spent a couple of nights in Laem Sing.

    I'm now looking for advice on travel through te Isaan. My son and daughter (ten and nine by then) defenitely wants to swim with the dolphins again, for the rest anything is open. We start beginning of Juli flying in to Bangkok were we intend to spend a couple of nights.
    Which route should we take. Which places should we visit or avoid?
    How much time should we spent there (we have 4 weeks in total)?
    Is a trip through the Isaan by public transport feasable? Or should we rent a car? If so, should we rent a 4WD pickuptruck of a "normal" car (taking into account that normally I drive a lefthanddrive Volvo V50)?
    Could we rent a car in Bangkok and leave it in Chiang Mai or Chiang Rai.
    Any tips on accomodation?
    Any tips on activities.

    Your suggestions are highly appreciated,


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    I'd go something like -

    BKK through Khao Yai to Khorat.

    PhiMai temple then over to Phanom Rung in Buriram. Then over to Ubon and up along the border of Laos, following it until past Loei, then up to Chiang Mai.

    Also checking if there's any festivals in the region at that time of year. Bun Bang Fai in Yasothan for example.

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    Been to Isaan many times by bus, every corner. Never booked a room in advance. Would not want to do it dragging a kid along.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Chairman Mao
    Bun Bang Fai in Yasothan for example.
    Rocket festival mid May. He will miss it. July a slow time for festivals in Isaan.

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    Very wet time of the year

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