Now the good thing about this is that it's free, ie you get to see a Thai poxy waterfall and don't have to pay the 200baht entrance fee, the bad thing is that its a bloody long walk and there aint no beer stops, and the hills are very steep, yes when you get there its nice and cool and shaded, but the 3 km hike to see these waterfalls is not really worth the bother, yep guys and gals i endured this for you just to bring you these pics and save you wasting your time to go and see them, theres loads of signs to say not to dump your rubbish in both thai and english, but alas they must have a lot of people going there that cant read either thai or english, although what doesn't help is they have bins that are easy for the monkeys to get into, so obviously the monkeys get into the bins and all round the bin areas is full of rubbish.