Mairood Resort

28 Moo 6 T. Mairood,
A. Klong Yai, Trat 23110
Tel : +66(0) 89-841 4858 (English/Thai), +66 (0) 88-654 5269 (English),+66 (0) 81-758 1392 (Thai)


Mairood Resort is located in a quiet fishing village bordering the sea in Klong Yai township, Trat province, on the eastern coast of Thailand. It is just 39 km from Hat Lek where the Thai-Cambodian border crossing point is, or 56 km from Trat city.

Lovely bungalow style accommodations are in a garden setting and are ideal for visitors who want to relax and learn the local culture, far away from crowded tourist spots.

Alternative to crowded tourist places, for quality holidays, quiet and surrounded by authentic Thai seaside village

You will have chance to experience the lifestyle of fishing people and how they prepare their catch of crabs, shrimps, and fishes. And you can learn Thai cooking as well. Or you can put to sea in a chartered boat to try your own luck. Should your tourist visa expire you can cross the border to Cambodia and return for another 15 day stay in beautiful Thailand.

You can also relax by just lying on our quiet beach. We maintain some exotic mangroves beside the Mairood canal, which also provide a learning experience. When the weather is warm take a dip in our private pool.

General Information

Trat is Thailand's eastern-most province, located about 315 kilometers from Bangkok. This small province borders Cambodia with the Khao Banthat mountain range forming a natural demarcation. With 52 large and small offshore islands, long white sandy beaches and unspoiled coral reefs, Trat offers delightful scenery and a tranquil hideout for nature-lovers. The province also serves as a major fruit-growing and fishing area.

The city of Trat is a starting point for Ko Chang island group or forays into outlying gems and Cambodian markets. Those enthralled by shopping will be delighted as Trat has more markets for its size than almost any other town in Thailand due to Cambodian coastal trade.

Like Chanthaburi, Trat is a very important ruby-mining province, with the most famous gem market located in Bo Rai District, some 50 kilometers north of the Cambodian border.

With an area of 2,819 square kilometers, the province is administratively divided into the districts of Meuang, Khao Saming, Laem Ngop, Khlong Yai and Bo Rai, and the sub-districts of Ko Chang and Ko Kut. The weather in and around Trat is very comfortable with warm temperatures throughout the year. The region is influenced by the northeastern and southwestern winds, which sometimes limit sea transport to a group of islands particularly from May to October when the southwest monsoon blows. During this period the western coast can be wet and stormy and occasionally unsafe for ferries and smaller boats to lift anchor. However, visitors can visit the islands anyway via the normally more popular routes, most of which are to the northeast of Ko Chang .

Getting to Trat

By car: From Bangkok, take Highway No. 34 (Bang Na-Trat) or Motorway to Chonburi, then use Highway No. 344 (Ban Bung - Klaeng) Arriving at Klaeng, turn onto Highway No. 3 and proceed to Trat. The total distance from Bangkok to Trat is 318 kilometers.

By bus: Both air-conditioned and non air-conditioned buses depart from Bangkok's Eastern Bus Terminal (Ekamai) to Trat every hour from 6 a.m. to midnight. From Bangkok the buses to Trat cost 169 baht for 1st class air-conditioned buses (132 baht for 2nd class) and 197 baht for 24-seat VIP air-conditioned buses or 113 baht for regular buses. The trip takes five to six hours by air-conditioned bus or about eight hours by regular bus.

From Chanthaburi to Trat, the regular bus takes about 30 minutes. If one goes by taxi from Chanthaburi to Trat, it takes around 45 minutes.

Getting to Islands

Ferries depart either from Ao Thammachat Pier, or Ko Chang Centre Point Landings between 07.30 a.m. and 4.30 p.m., with a travel time of 30 minutes. Private vehicles can be loaded onto the ferry. From the landing on Ko Chang there are song taew (pick up truck) services to various points. Fares should be settled beforehand.

Koh Chang

Koh Chang is the largest and busiest island in Trat and the second largest island in the country after Phuket. Covering an area of 429 square kilometers, Koh Chang boasts several amazing natural wonders that blend magnificently with the traditional way of life, with 70 percent undisturbed island rainforest, steep hills, cliffs, waterfalls, and notable wildlife, fine beaches, coral reefs and an abundance of marine life. In addition, numerous fruit orchards dot the island. To the east are Ao Sapparot, where a ferry landing is situated and Ao Salak Khok. In addition, along the eastern shoreline is a road cutting through to Ao Salak Phet, a community with a boat pier to the south of the island. Coral ranges worth visiting are at Ao Khlong Son near Ko Chang Noi and around islands south of Koh Chang.

Koh Chang offers many other attractions including waterfalls, temples, the National Park and Museum or the beautiful scenic lookout points, which are all worth a visit. Divers will find fascinating diving areas off of the shores of Koh Chang and the surrounding islands. Besides the many coral reefs, sunken warships, a reminder of times past, can be visited in the Salak Phet Bay.

Koh Kood

This island is the farthest island from the coast of Trat. Its size ranks it as the fourth largest island in Thailand or the second largest island next to Koh Chang in Trat. The island, which is 25 kilometers long and 12 kilometers wide covers an area of approximately 105 square kilometers or 65,625 rai. Its natural features include mountains and plains where many streams originate and become waterfalls. One famous waterfall is Nam Tok Khlong Chao, which flows throughout the year and is an ideal place for swimming. It is comprised of 3 tiers, of which the upper two tiers are running streams and the lower one is a large pond. In 1911, King Rama VI paid a royal visit to this waterfall and named it 'Nam Tok Anam Kok' to commemorate Ong Chiang Su.

In addition; there are beaches with crystal-clear seas which are popular among visitors such as Taphao Beach, Khlong Chao Beach, Khlong Hin Beach, Phrao Beach, etc. Accommodations with a private atmosphere are available for visitors at the inner sea of Koh Kood, as well as the other two islands, Koh Rat and Koh Mai Si, opposite to Koh Kood. There are boats from Koh Chang to Koh Kood three times a week (Tuesday, Thursday and Saturday). Please inquire as to the departure times for the ferries from Laem-Ngop Pier to Koh Kood at the pier.

Festivals of Trat
Thai Festivals

Koh Chang Yutthanavi Day
The Koh Chang Yutthanavi Day is organized in late January at the Koh Chang Yutthanavi Memorial on Laem Ngop. The event is to commemorate the bravery of the Royal Thai Navy's action against the French on January 17, 1941. Merit-making and tribute rites are performed and there is exhibition by the Royal Thai Navy.

Trat Fruit Fair
Trat Fruit Fair , usually in late May or early June, features exhibitions and agricultural produce. There are fruit contests, particularly of sweet Salak (or Rakam).

Trat Memorial Day
Trat Memorial Day, on March 23, marks the day the province returned to Thai sovereignty after the French occupation. The celebrations are held at the provincial town hall.