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    Sattahip Re-Visited

    For those who don't know where Sattahip is it's about 10 km past Bang Saray and 15km before Ban Chang, if your a farang then all Sattahip has is a couple of nice beaches which are controlled by the Thai Navy, an aircraft carrier for which the Thais can't afford the fuel to use it, and a few restaurants, not some where where you would spend a 2 week vacation, in fact an afternoon is probably more than enough.

    This place is just outside of Sattahip, not sure of the name or even if the place has a name as it is just a tiny little hamlet, not even worth giving a number to, obviously being on the coast they all fish for a living, well most of them anyway, so there's lots of dead sea animals being dried in the sun and of course that ever present smell of any fishing village in this sort of climate of rotting dead corpses.

    Loads of little tiny fish being dried in the sun, damn what a whiff.

    Clean up the beach a bit and this would be pretty damn impressive, wonder how much something like this would cost in Malibu?

    Houses don't get much closer to Sattahips beaches than this.

    Back to the Queen Sirikit hospital and they got the market going, if only this BBQ stall was selling real English sausages.

    Longest sausage I have seen.

    Not a Buddha day but the flowers for the offerings were on sale.

    Whats a small town without a beggar or two, still, at least they are clean.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dirtydog
    Longest sausage I have seen.
    We've clearly never met . . . in that sense!

    Sattahip road is as much of the place as I have ever seen . . . got lost driving back to Chanthaburi from Pattaya . . . a real dump and nightmare traffic

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