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    Koh Kood/Trat to Siam Reap

    I am taking a trip to Koh Kood in a few days with my girl and after that trip I am considering going to Siam Reap for a few days to do the temple thing. She will go back to Bangkok for work and I am thinking about crossing near Trat, but have never been to Cambodia and have read on the boards here about the area charging more for visas than they should. I am thinking of making the crossing there and going to Phnom Phen to take a look around and then on to Siam Reap by boat or bus. Any information on the crossing there or information that would make my trip easier is appreciated.

    Another consideration is that I have a single entry visa that is up August 1st. How will this crossing effect my return to Thailand and departure back to the states at the end of July?

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    They will charge you 1200 baht for your Cambodian visa at that crossing. If you have a passport photo you might be able to get it for 1100 baht. It's worked for me before. If you have a few days before you go get an e-visa online here: Cambodia Visa, Apply Cambodia Visa Online, Cambodia e-Visa - Official Site for $25US.
    Your single entry visa will be void when you leave Thailand and you will only get 15 days when you re-enter. If you go to an immigration office before you go, I think you can get a re-entry permit that will let you continue on your single entry tourist visa. Another member will know the answer to that.

    On Koh Kood you will be able to book tickets for travel to Phnom Penh or Siem Reap at most guesthouses.

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