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    bus service from pattaya to chanthaburi

    I want to take my girlfriend down to a place close to chantaburi at oasis sea world i think it is close to laem sing beach area i am not sure wether it is wise to stay there for a night or two or just take the scheduled minibus service from pattaya down to chantaburi close to laem sing beach and return the same day as we only a three days my purpose is to go into oasis sea world any suggestions are welcome as we going this week

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    Phew! Do yo ever stop for breath? At that speed you'll be able to do anything you want!

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    Are there any day tours there check the travel agents first,if not hire a taxi for the day to take you there and back better then a mini bus.In the taxi you can stop off where you want so get to see a bit more of the coast line in this area.
    Still some nice quite areas on this part of the coast the bungalows are around 800 baht a night but the food is very cheap.Stayed in this area last year and 1kg crab in the restaurant was 150 baht these where good eating crabs not the blue swimming crab.

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    Everything about Chanthaburi here, best bet and cheapest is to hire a car and drive yourself, oasis seaworld is quite good though, and lots of nice beaches in the area.

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