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    Koh Chang Beaches...

    If Koh Chang is in the Eastern Thailand forum(as opposed to the Southern forum) I see that the only two beaches on the west side of the island worth stasying at, because of proximity to restaurants, rentals and shops, are White Sands Beach and Bai-Lan-Beach. Are there others, as well?
    While I'm at it, are there ANY hut with fan places to stay for 600-800 baht/night that aren't dumps?

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    Sai Rung bungalows Koh Chang Hotels- Your gateway to paradise,!
    Great people, friendly and helpful, excellent food.
    The big bungalows are 4-500 Baht, with veranda and shower block.
    It's at White Sand Beach, but up a small soi behind the main road,
    if you go there ask the taxi guy at the fery to take you to Soi Gurt Monee. (Kerdmanny?)
    Also if they are full, Fisherman Hill next door has Fan bungalows and A/C villas.

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    I like White Sand Beach but the accommodation is over priced for what you get.
    I stayed in a basic beachfront bungalow for 2000 a night last june.
    And that was only after much trailing around trying to find something cheaper.

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