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    Want to buy refrig & air cond. near Ban Chang

    Just wondering if anyone has a suggestion where to buy air conditioners and appliances in the Ban Chang/Payoon Beach area. I need to add 2 more air condititoners and a refrig and more.....I know Lotus and Big C carries the things I need, but do they deliver and install?



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    Tesco in Rayong will deliver and install, for free within a certain kilometer radius. Outside of the free zone they will charge for delivery I'm guessing.

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    Ban Chang, Rayong
    For A/C's, just order them at the village office. Maybe not the cheapest but you will get the same brand, Goldstar, as the rest of the houses which will make it a lot easier with installations and also when service is needed.

    For a fridge, I think you can negotiate a free delivery, even from Pattaya, as in 'no delivery no business'.
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