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Thread: Trat, Thailand.

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    Trat, Thailand.

    Not just a place to catch the minibus for a visa run to Cambo or catch the ferry to koh Chang!

    Had a week on the piss there and quite enjoyed it.

    The night market in Trat has an excellent variation of cheap food on sale..

    Plenty of guest houses in the back streets not far from the centre..

    Plenty of things to see and do once you've got your bed sorted..


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    16-02-2019 @ 09:42 PM
    Nice...Hope can see more pics

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    Always liked Trat. Used to drop by now and again when I lived in Aranyaprathet.

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    Remember several years ago floating on a boat into a cave system in Trat, had to lie flat to get under the roof in places.

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    Nice report, but sadly for me the key to Trat is Koh Chang. The only decent beaches if you are a beach fan. Thanks for the photo at sunset.

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