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    Dinner at Sattahip, no insects for me

    So as there was no edible food at Kilo Sip that a farang could eat it was time to go back to Sattahip, this place does have a bit of night life because of all the navy bases there, so yes they got the odd Karaoke where you can have a sing song and a shag.

    I should mention the Lotus they have in Sattahip, it is really a nice looking building with curves and stuff so I asked my girlfriend why all the other Lotus shops look shite while this one was a real nice building, turns out Lotus only makes shite buildings and this one they bought from a previous supermarket that owned the building, oh well.

    So here we are at the food market.

    My fried noodles with pork and pork scratchings.

    Great big plate of vegetables, the whole lot for 3 came to 75baht.

    We also bought some food for the dogs, some sort of wafers.

    And yes they also had an insect stall, got to get lots of insect stall pictures as the one in South Pattaya charges 100baht to take pictures of it, probably makes more money that way than she does selling fried insects.

    Fried Larve of some sort.

    Nice big pile of freshly killed and fried locusts or grasshoppers.

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