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    Casino Hotel in PoiPet(Thai border- East)

    Greetings. I need/want a casino hotel in PoiPet, weekday is okay. Just passing through and want a bit of gaming and a secure room. I'll catch a bus/taxi onward the following morning. Past experience with Tropicana less than satisfactory at 1500baht a night including two meal tickets. Cost not a real concern but 2000baht max a guideline. Simply looking for a nice room and a fair casino. If they have craps all the better, but have read no craps in Cambodian casino's. You would think this an easy thing to find but it isn't, not online. Cheers and thanks in advance. Nok

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    They all seem much of a muchness to me, these border casino's. If someone has a recommendation, fine, but I'd just walk through immigration control and pick the prettiest looking one.

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