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    Tiffin tea liqueur

    Tiffin is a liqueur made from Darjeeling tea. It is a wonderful drink (if you like tea). I used to drink it when visiting Japan, but could never find in US.

    Have always wanted to experiment with it in cocktails and desert recipes.

    If you can find a bottle, give it a try!

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    The Real Tiffin: The term Tiffin is generally used to mean an in-between-meals snack. Most road-side restaurants in Tamil Nadu will have a board displaying 'Tiffin Ready'. It is customary to be offered a 'Tiffin' as a courtesy when you visit a residence.
    The word is mostly used for light lunches prepared for working Indian men by their wives after they have left for work and then delivered to them. The lunches are packed in stainless steel or tin boxes with carry handles, also sometimes called tiffins or tiffin-boxes.

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