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Nakhon Sawan

Wat Tham Phon Sawan

Wat Tham Phon Sawan is in Tambon Lamphayon. An asphalt road of 105 kilometers from the city leads to the temple. It is around 10 kilometers from Tak Fa District Office on the Tak Fa-Khok Samrong road. The temple has a modern three-story pavilion. At the rear of the temple is Phon Sawan Cave that is divided into 2 sections. The first section is a small room while the second section is a larger room with Buddha images and various structures like a replica waterfall with a stream in the caves center. The cave is cool and cozy and has electricity and waterworks.

Getting There: From Nakhon Sawan, take the Asian Highway to Chai Nat for about 52 kilometers and turn left into Highway No. 1 past Amphoe Tak Fa for about 46 kilometers. Then turn left into Wat Tham Phon Sawan. It is around 98 kilometers from the city.

Wat Bang Mafo

Wat Bang Mafo is an old temple built in the late Ayutthaya period. The most striking aspect is the main hall that has unique doors and windows designed by the monk Luang Pho Sun. Inside is an image of Rachathipok that was given by the king. The inner walls have murals of a Buddhist tale, while the hall directly opposite has murals of the life of Lord Buddha. They are the works of ancient artisans. The main Buddha image in the Man Wichai posture is strange in that it also holds a palm-leaf fan. Under the multi-tiered roof is a lovely replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint. An annual temple fair is held on the 9th and 10th crescent-moon nights of October.

Getting There: Use the Nakhon Sawan-Krok Phra route. It is about 3 kilometers from the district office. The route goes past Ban Hua Hat, which is a handicrafts village that makes basketry of Tambon Dong Chaphlu. Basketry items are made of bamboo because it is easy to find in the area.

Siriwatanawisut Temple

Sri Buddha Kaya Stupa is structure in a dome shape. On the top part of the stupa lies a small bell-shape structure which is beautifully decorated with patterns made of cement. It will house a sacred Buddha relic. Its top-most part is a seven-tiered umbrella made of bronze with a lotus blossom on top, representing the enlightenment.

There are three levels in the stupa. The lowest level houses a bronze Metta Santipap (Mercy and Peace) Buddha statue, built to commemorate His Majesty the King 80 Birthday in 2007. The statue is 89 inches wide and 4.19 meters high. The second level houses the Sri Ariyametrai Srisakayasing Buddha statue, built to celebrate Her Majesty the Queen's 72 Birthday. It is 109 inches wide and 4 meters high.

The third level houses a model of the jeweled pavilion, rest place of Lord Buddha in the ancient time. Those who wish to play a visit to the pavilion must make an oath of keeping at least one precept as an act of respect to Lord Buddha.

Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot

Wat Chom Khiri Nat Phrot is on the peak of Khao Buat Nak between the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and Chiraprawat Fort. Legend says that when Burmese troops sacked Ayutthaya for the second time, they built this temple to show that they also hold the Buddhism faith. The most interesting objects here are the replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint and a convocation hall that locals call Bot Thewada Sang. There is a fair to pay homage and attach gold leaves to the footprint in November. Boat races are held in conjunction with the fair.

Getting There :Take Highway No. 32 (Asian Highway) to before the foot of Dechatiwong Bridge and turn left into the temple. It is about 1 kilometer from the city.

Wat Krieng Krai Klang

Wat Krieng Krai Klang is at Mu 5, Tambon Kriang Krai, on the bank of Nan River. Inside is a Sukhothai-style bronze Buddha image in the Man Wichai posture and an old hall over a hundred years old. There is also a replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint and a mural of Lord Buddhas life. The area in front of the temple is inhabited by many monkeys and it is where a crocodile farm can be found.

Getting There :Take the Nakhon Sawan-Chum Saeng road (Highway No. 225) for around 10 kilometers. Then turn left at the direction sign for about 2 kilometers into the temple. It is approximately 12 kilometers from the city. Alternatively, you can charter a boat from Chao Phraya Pier along the Nan River and disembark at Wat Kriang Krai Klang Pier

Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam

Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam (Wat Thu Nam) is at Tambon Nakhon Sawan. It is an old temple that was used as the site for government officials to pledge allegiance to the king. Evidence from the period remains in the form of spear blades, oars, knives and swords, a gold Buddha image in the Pathom Thetsana posture, and a silver Buddha image. The main image in the old convocation hall is over 100 years old. In 1976, His Majesty the King, Her Majesty the Queen and their 2 princesses came here to open the new hall. Now there is also the pagoda built to commemorate the Golden Jubilee of His Majesty. Wat Si Sawan Sangkharam is regarded as an old temple with immense historical value.

Getting There :Take Highway No. 32 (Asian Highway) then turn left towards Chiraprawat Fort (Highway No. 3001) for around 2 kilometers. Signs along the way point to Wat Thu Nam. The total distance from the city is about 3 kilometers.

Wat Woranat Banphot

Wat Woranat Banphot (Khao Kop) is an old temple of the province on the peak of Khao Kop 185.5 meters above sea level. There are 2 ways up; a stairway of 439 steps and an asphalt road 3 meters wide. The peak has a replica of Lord Buddhas Footprint and a pagoda encasing the relic of Lord Buddha built when Sukhothai was the countrys capital. The temple was praised by the Department of Religious Affairs as the best development temple of 1966. A nearby hill is the site of some television relay stations.

Getting There : Use Highway No. 32 (Asian Highway) and turn right onto Highway No. 117, then another right onto Highway No. 1 (old highway) into Nakhon Sawan Municipality. Turn left before reaching the municipality up Khao Kop. It is about 1 kilometer from the city.