This is the temple on the mountain at Samaesan fishing village, from here you can see the islands including Koh Samaesan, its about 5km from Sattahip and about 30 odd km from Pattaya.

I quite like this temple and hopefully they are not going to paint it in garish red and gold as it looks pretty smart as it is.

Nice mouldings all the way round the temple building.

They set up an outside praying area as it was a Buddhist holiday, obviously raking in the money on those days.

The chedi.

Some of the mouldings on the side of the temple.

Nice breasts on this one, not really sure what the idea is of having mouldings of bare breasted women at a Thai temple full of monks that are supposedly abstaining from sex, especially when they normally blank or blur out nipples in photos, suppose it's a cultural thing.

Have a quick pray at the Buddha statues.

Bang each bell for luck.

Obviously as with any area in Thailand that has Thai visitors if you look hard enough you will find their piles of discarded rubbish.