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    Thumbs up Asahna Bucha Day [at] Wat That Thong, Bangkok

    This year we chose to celebrate Asahna Bucha Day at Wat That Thong, Ekkamai, Bangkok (near the Eastern Bus Terminus). I say we, but I really mean her indoors, as she takes responsibility for all family religious & spititual matters. She has promised me that we shall spend an eternity together, as long as we follow the teachings of Buddha (peace be upon him). Personally I had hoped to spend the afterlife in Soi Yodsak, but I thought it best not to mention it to her today of all days.

    As it's been raining on & off all afternoon here in Bangkok, we had to wait until about 6:30 pm for a break in the weather before we set off for the temple. Fortunately there is ample free parking available in the temple grounds. Here are a few extremely poor shots of the experience, just to give you a taster of what you missed.

    First a couple of signs just to establish we were in the right temple complex.

    Some scenes from the temple grounds. There are a couple of shop type buildings that front the Sukhumvit road, into which people go to get a blessing and/or pray to a statue, of which there are many.

    Towards the rear of the complex is the main entrance to the temple itself. An ornate archway affair. To one side of the archway was some sort of banner.

    The archway is partially blocked by a number of beggars, most of which have some kind of deformity. I ignored them & entered the main temple yard.

    The temple is quite impressive, as temples go I spose, but you've seen one, you've seen them all really.

    In front of the temple are where the lumpen masses make their donations, or so it would seem to me. Money is exchanged for flowers, candles, incense etc.

    Part of the ritual involves the masses walking clockwise 3 times around the temple, holding their previously purchaed items in prayer like mode. I spotted at least 2 farangs joining in this part of celebrations, with rather bemused looks on their faces. I did wonder if the temple might fall down if they all suddenly started walking in an anti-clockwise direction.

    I did have one slighly embarrasing moment as I was leaving the temple grounds, where by a group of wantan looking Sukhumvit freelancers & their pimp (I assume) approached my parked vehicle & asked if I wanted to be 'serviced'. I did my best to explain that I already had a service contract with Toyota & wasn't thinking of changing my provider, but I'm not sure they fully understood me.

    Needless to say I neither entered the temple or joined in the procession around it's base. Being a born again Jedi, I have my own rituals to follow thank you very much.

    If you liked the thread, then please feel free to contribute an encouraging word.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Property
    She has promised me that we shall spend an eternity together
    My missus does that too; I get very upset with her threats...

    Thanks for the interesting pics. Is this the temple that says they can teach you to levitate?

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    Nice one. I hate the temple trips personally. Usually have a hangover on the accorded day.

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    The things we do for love.
    Spent the afternoon with the family at Wat Phra Khaeow. Big crowds.

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