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    Thai Monks Golden Balls

    Bet you have all wondered what the monks golden balls are for or what they maybe, well I was down the local temple tonight and had a look at the monks balls and even got some pictures to share.

    Right the temple has 9 balls, you have to go to each one in order, they are numbered 1 to 9 in Thai, probably a bit larger than a football and made of stone I believe, here's one of his balls.

    Painted with a nice coat of black paint and sadly lacking in gold leaf, now the idea is at each one you put on a tiny piece of gold leaf whilst saying something or other 3 times, just mumble something they wont know, each piece of the gold leaf comes in its own wrapper, so open it slightly then press it onto the black ball using the paper wrapper, if you use your fingers it will just stick to them and not the ball.

    I'm not sure if it is every night that candles are lit for the temple balls but eventually these will be lowered into the ground to protect the temple from, I think he said giant man eating rabbits or some such nonsense.

    Whilst your mumbling something 3 times have a little bow or 2 in front of the gold ball and all will be alright in your world, supposedly.

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    So black balls are huge as well ?

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