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    Wat Bung

    The Power of Prayer?

    Photo taken after a big prayer session by the mrs at "Wat Bung"

    Never seen incense burn like that. My wife is adamant it is the power of Buddhism of course.

    Thought it may be of interest to people, anyone seen anything like it? Explanation?

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    For most Thais, this would mean the spirits are giving the next lotto number.

    For me, I believe the remaining ash often differs with the type of incense used. It sometimes give different shapes depending on the process used to make the incense. The factors are the type of wood base, and how well the "incense" is pressed around it. If it is old and dry, or poorly made, the ash falls off quickly without making a shape.

    If I was to interpret the lotto numbers to be picked , they would be "one one", due to the front two burned incense. The incense to the rear is not as clear, so I have no thoughts for that number.

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