I rode into Korat today to check out the ancient city wall that was uncovered during some renovation work near the Tao Suranaree Monument. Not to easy to photo from behind the fend, but here's a shot of it:

Wat Phra Narai Maharat is within the old city walls of Korat and is surrounded by a big pond, full of water hyacinth:

The pond is being cleared and renovated. In the mean time, it is still full of huge monitor lizards:

This guy is about two meters long.

Also on the grounds of the wat are the Korat City Pillar:

Based on the environment in which the City Pillar is enshrined one would assume that Korat was founded by Chinese. I won't go there....

Also within the wat precincts is this interesting little shrine to King Narai:

Here he's flanked by Brahma and Ganesh. I don't know who is on the far left. Anyone? Is it the Hindu god Narayana?