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    Bobcock at Wat Mahathat in Nakhon Sri Thammarat

    Wat Mahathat is in Nakhon Sri Thammarat, Southern Thailand. One of the most important temples in Thailand, it is featured on the 25 Satang coin.

    It's most famous feature is a central chedi with has a golden spire. It is said to cast no shadows.

    Outside there is a shrine to the King Naresuan The Great

    Inside the complex there is a central chapel, the chedi and loads and loads of small spires, a few bigger ones, and the odd biggish one.

    Inside the main chapel is actually tiny, unlike any other temple i have ever been in in Thailand. It was far more Hindu like in it's feel and some of the strange figures depicted there.

    The cloisters have rows and rows of small buddah statues

    The paintings are nice, but certainly a different style to many other auspiscious temples

    and I even found a section with the remains of various sea creatures including this 20 foot long whale. sadly the bones are covered in graffiti, despite a sign in thai saying DO NOT WRITE ON THE WHALE BONES.

    Lots of people there making merit

    Outside was another shrine based upon a boat and these two figures. Not sure the story behind this one.

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