Wat Nong Prue is down near Lake Maprachan, quite a famous Temple as far as Pattaya Temples go, probably because some of it is old or some such thing, maybe loads of ghosts, not that anybody gives a toss, has a Temple school which is suprising as the place is in the middle of nowhere, loads of land which will probably be sold off as the area develops and the Monks decide to move to a better area.

Anyway this time we got a dead person in the dead person storage place.

Looks like she was a popular old dear as there were loads of seats set out.

A quick move over to one of the praying shrines.

A little bit of music to cheer the old dear up.

This is where she will most likely end up after the cremation.

Lets have a quick look inside one, they have the keys in some of them.

The main Temple, actually this was quite hard to find.

The doors to the Temple were carved Teakwood, these must have cost a fortune but I will use those pictures for a thread that people will actually look at.