Wat Kalayanamit is on the Bangkok Yai Canal, founded by a Chinese noble man in 1825, suprisingly though the Viharn looks typical Thai.

Inside the grounds are decorated with statues imported from China so it does have a touch of Chinese flair to it

Getting to Wat Kalayanamit is quite easy, taxi to 656 Tesaban 1 Road, or get the river boat to Kanlayanamit Pier.

This bell tower is quite nice, in the first picture you can see people standing in front of it showing how big the bottom bell is.

Getting closer to the big bell.

Wonder what all that says on the bell, note the steps to get to the next floor, not for drunk monks.

This Buddha statue is big, it almost fills the interior hall, he is known as Sampokong to the Thai Chinese community and Phraputtatrirattananayok to everyone else, he doesn't look too big in the first photo, but the second photo has people in so showing off his size, yep, 15.44 metres tall and 11.75 metres wide.

Look at the little people below him, lets hope he doesn't topple over.

A few gold leaf covered Buddha statues holding court, probably deciding whats for breakfast tomorrow.

When you look at the amount of work in just making one of these temple doors who would have thought they would want to make loads of them, they got to cost a fair bit of money each.

A few doors here, do they really need that many? Maybe a lucky number in the amount of doors?

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