On my upcoming visit to our home in the Isaan of Thailand, I hope to visit the temple of Luangta Boon Phin, Changwat Sakhon Nakhon. I was told his temple was called Wat Pa Thepnimit or Wat Pha Thepnimit. I have found three temples with this name in Changwat Sakhon Nakhon. Does anyone on this forum know which temple Luangta Boon Phin is at?

One that I have found is East and South of Sawang Daen Din, off Hwy. 22 and two are West and South of Sawang Daen Din. Any help would be appreciated.

Luangta Boon Phin is a guru Forest Tradition monk of the Dhammayut order. He is known for his amulets and statues. I hope to see and attain some of these on this visit.