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Thread: Ban Krut

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    Ban Krut

    Thinking of heading to Ban Krut for some beach time after a couple of days in BKK. Anyone been?

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    Yes, we toured around the entire area from Hua Hin to Prachuap looking for some land to buy and build on, about 8 years ago now. It was around July so obviously we weren't expecting great weather.

    Thing was though, the rain really showed up how scruffy the place was. A lot of crap and hostile dogs around.

    I'm sure it seems a bit more uplifting when the sun is out. Days will likely seem pretty long if you're planning to head down there on your own, though. There's basically nothing to do except lie on the beach with a book. That does me fine on an island, but somehow isn't quite the same on the mainland. Partly because you never seem to be that far away from a massive truck rolling by.

    Anyway, we decided that Chiang Mai was a better idea as a place to live, and we don't regret it.

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    As Cy says there isnt much there, very long narrow beach to Bang Saphan, very few tourists or there was when we went and not much in the way of nightlife. Saphan had a beach bar, Montris and a Brit pub in town although that was up for sale. Krut area is very narrow land wise and the train runs its length so they like to sound the horn at some ungodly hour 4am or something. Not painting a good picture here, if you like slow, no real tourist life and few western amenities then go, else i would stop at Prachuap although not sure what the flooding is like.

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    Fantastic place.

    Probably my favorite little beach spot in Thailand.

    Considered retiring to there, but schooling options ruled it out, as well as it would probably get a bit boring after 6 months or so.

    There's a very good train service. 8:05am aircon train from Bkk that arrives around 1-2pm.

    Ban Krut Resort, around 1,200 a night or so.

    Wellcome to BanKrut Resort

    Perfect for 3 or so days of chilling.

    Nice big open style Italian restaurant at the other end, with proper Italian and Western dishes, run by a decent American chef/retired guy.

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